Dr. Oz, a cake mix, and yogurt – what could go wrong?

“If at first you don’t succeed, eat a cupcake.”

~ Unknown Author


With full props to Dr. Oz, I came across this ‘recipe’ for cupcakes, although I don’t know if adding water and yogurt to a cake mix and stirring it up counts as a recipe.

I’m trying to write this as one post, but I keep jumping between photography and baking.  So, the first half will be about baking, and the second will be about the pictures.

Part I – Add yogurt and stir…


I added the cupcake mix to the bowl.  In fairness, you are supposed to use a devil’s food cake, but I only had a white confetti cake.  I added 1 cup of Greek yogurt and one cup of water.  I mixed according to the package directions and baked for about 18 minutes.  I ended up with 18 cupcakes.


Overall, I’d say they are okay.  Not great, but okay.  I like cake to be light and fluffy.  This seems more like a pound cake consistency.

My math may be wrong (as it usually is) but I think it works out to 100 calories a cupcake as opposed to 150 calories when making them as instructed.  (160 per 1/10 package = 1600 calories + 200 calories for Greek yogurt = 1800 calories divided by 18 cupcakes).  When made with oil and eggs, the package says it’s 270 calories for 10 servings (2700 calories / 18 cupcakes = 150 calories/cupcake).

Not sure if I’ll make this again.

Part II – Being a food stylist is not in my future.

I love food.  I watch Food TV constantly, read blogs, look up recipes…but I don’t really cook or bake.  Yes, it makes no sense, but that’s how I roll.

I thought that if I could start to combine photography AND cooking, it might hold more interest for me.

Unfortunately, nothing was working in my favour.

My kitchen is fairly dark in the afternoon, so I had to crank my ISO to 800 and use a rather slow shutter speed.  This wasn’t great because I got a lot of motion blur in the mixer.

Initially, I tried setting up on a tripod and using my 50 mm prime lens.  It was too dark, even with the high ISO.  I changed to my kit lens and that seemed to work better.  The tripod was just a nuisance so I went hand held, which is tough to do one handed.

The pictures look at little point-and-shoot to me.  Sort of like the cupcakes, they’re just okay.


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