Diamond swords are forever – or at least until Halloween

My boy has decided that for Halloween, he is going as Steve and his BFF is going as Creeper (Minecraft characters for those lucky enough not to have been indoctrinated).

In an earlier post, I described how we made the Creeper head.  I have the Illustrator files ready to go for the Steve head, but I’m on the look out for a 10”X10” cardboard box.  Here’s the general plan.


In the meantime, we’ve made the diamond sword. On Amazon, a Minecraft foam sword sells for $19.99.  We managed to make it for $4, with lots of foam left over.

For hardcore enthusiasts, I am posting a file based on some image searches.  There is also a legend indicating how many of each coloured square is needed.  It was hard to tell the blues apart, so I also made a rather neon version to make it clearer.

I am not an enthusiast.  In fact, I just let the boy play Minecraft for a quiet life.  The sword we made looks okay and he’s thrilled (which is all that really matters).  It isn’t the dimensions of the planned version.  I just worked with what I had.

I’ll describe how I made it and what I’d do differently if I had the chance (no, I’m not making another!).

Here’s what I used:

–       A dollar store foam pirate sword ($2)

–       Self stick sparkly foam (6”X9”) (from Walmart $2)

–       Scissors

–       Sharpie

–       Ruler

–       Lots of patience

Initially, I thought 1” squares would be best, but it would have made it too wide.  I didn’t want to beef-up the width of the sword, so I made a last minute change and cut the foam to ¾” squares.   The colour choices for sparkly foam are, not shockingly, limited.  Based on what was available in the pack, my boy asked for blue and white.

I was not as exact as I should have been when cutting the squares.  Starting with the blue, I placed the ¾” foam squares as close to the middle as I could, starting at the base and placing them at a 45 degree angle to the shaft.  I just matched the corner from the preceding square to the approximate middle of the sword.  I did both sides.

Next, using the white squares, I stuck the squares beside the blue row on either side.  For the row closest to the base of the sword, I halved one of the squares.   It was a lot of cutting and peeling and sticking.

For the last row, it became apparent that I really should have spent more time ensuring that my measuring and cutting was more accurate.  I lucked out and was able to straddle the edge of the sword with one square, placing it so that half was on each side.

At the tip, I just filled in with the remaining blue squares.  There were some gaps on the last rows (the ‘blade’ sides) but I filled in the most obvious ones with some scraps.  From a distance, it’s not that obvious.

The boy said it didn’t make a lot of sense to have squares on the handle since no one was going to see it.

I doubt the sticky stuff on the foam will hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

My biggest regrets?  I didn’t measure, measure, measure…or cut carefully!

Overall, I think it’s a good substitute for the $19.99 version.


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