Showing my stats – my rock star status has come to an end

About a week after starting my blog, I realized it was tough to come up with ideas.  Yes, this should have been self-evident, but I’m beginning to realize that perhaps I’m not quite as bright as originally hoped.

On a whim, I posted the process of making my boy’s Halloween costume – Steve from Minecraft.  I posted the Illustrator files of both Steve and Creeper, not thinking much about it.

For the first few days, my stats continued to be single digits.  I remember hitting 12 and thinking, “Hot damn, I’m finally catching fire.”

I followed up the original post with my attempt to build a Diamond Sword and hit 32 views.  Interest waned and I went down to 22, then 15.  On October 8, something crazy happened.  I surpassed 200 views.  What?  Really?  It was just squares on a box.

My steady climb continued until October 30 when I hit the momentous number of 1387 views.  1387 human beings took the time to look at something I had to say.  It was intoxicating.  Another blog even linked to me, accounting for about 100 hits.

And today I crashed back down to Earth.  However, I would like to thank the 109 people for taking a moment out of their day to see what I had to say.

Now I just have to think of something else to talk about.


4 thoughts on “Showing my stats – my rock star status has come to an end

  1. Coming from someone who did a post on a post I feel your pain lol. I had to create a blog so I could follow others who I’m close to and be able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’. Hats off to all the people out here who have so much to share…only ‘bright’ thing about my blog is the lamp 😉

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